Colors available include red, yellow, lavender, rose, dark pink, light pink, white, black, purple, lt. blue, dark blue, green, brown, coral. Other colors may be available upon request, depending on the color of your roses.



Bracelet with crystal beads (Swarovski crystals are used):



Bracelet with silver beads:



Bracelet with silver beads & Swarovski crystal beads:


Traditional bracelet with antique silver:


Pandora-style bead:  

       "dangly" large-hole charm that fits on Pandora-style jewelry or a chain that you have


Car charm: Designed to go around rearview mirror (or could be hung wherever you desire.) 


Car dangle: Similar to the car charm except it doesn't have Swarovski crystals i.e. less bling :)



Auto rosary: goes around the rearview mirror of your car (or could be hung anywhere you desire.) The pocket rosary looks just like this but without the chain at the top to hang it.





Keychain: (shown with butterfly charm)



Tie tack:


Traditional necklace:


Necklace with silver beads:


Pendant necklace:


Eternity necklace:




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Made with Roses by Michelle