Handling instructions:

Your flowers can be either fresh or dried. You can keep them by following the instructions below. If mailing, you can mail them in a large envelope or small box.


If the flowers are fresh: DO NOT include any plastic with your flowers!! Plastic will cause the flowers to mold and they will not be usable for this process. Cut the stems off of the flowers. If mailing, place in a box or envelope and use paper towels for packing. It is okay if your flowers are starting to discolor, fall apart, wilt, get smashed, etc. They do not need to look pretty; they just can't get moldy -- that is the only way they can be damaged.



If the flowers are dried: Cut the stems off the flowers. If mailing, place in a box or envelope. You may put them in a plastic baggy if they are starting to fall apart (only if they are completely dried). It is okay if the flowers are discolored but they cannot be moldy.


Please include the completed order form found on the Order Form page.

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